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APPLICATION SPOTLIGHT - ASTM D3330 Peel Adhesion of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, Tapes and Labels.

Adhesive properties for pressure sensitive labels, packages, and tapes are measured using a standard test surface, a specified angle and test speed. Test results monitor uniformity of adhesive coatings, bonding adhesion strength and force to remove face stock. Sample failures reveal the weak link of a product or process. Cohesive failure produce a tacky residue on both surfaces, adhesive failure reveals a premature peel, failure along the adhesive face stock and test surface, and substrate tearing.

90 Degree Peel Fixture per ASTM D3330 Tape Testing Applications

GTB030 90 degree peel fixture for ASTM D3330 Method F  
GTB030 in single column frame

TestResources offers testing products including test machines and fixtures matched to ASTM D3330, which is used for quality assurance tests on pressure-sensitive tapes, and provides a means of assessing uniformity of the adhesion of a given type of tape. The assessment may be within a roll of tape, between rolls, or between production lots. ASTM D3330 Method F addresses the 90 degree peel test and measures adherence to a standard steel panel or other surface of interest for a single-coated tape. D3330 replaces several prior industry standards including, AFERA 4001 Self adhesive tapes – Measurement of peel adhesion, European Norm: EN 1939 Self adhesive tapes – Measures peel adhesion from stainless steel or from its own backing, and Pressure Sensitive Tape Council Standards: PSTC-2 Peel Adhesion for Single Coated Tapes at 90° Angle.

The most common method is to measure adherence by peeling a sample at a 180° angle from a standard steel panel or a specific surface of interest. Fixtures and test machines are available to serve all these needs.

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