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Peel Tester

Peel Test Fixtures

Adhesion & Peel Test Machines & Fixtures

Peel Test Equipment
Standalone Test Machine with optional Plotting software - Model 100P250 - Entry Level

Load cells from 50 grams to 250 pounds

Specifications (PDF)

High quality peak and average load measurements


Captures & exports data - software available for plotting

Single or Dual Column Frames with optional chambers and fixtures

Constant controlled test speed regardless of test load - rated up to 250 lb (1.1. kN)

Flexible Characterization Test Machine
100R250 PC Based Adhesion Properties Tester

Real time plot of load vs displacement

Specifications (PDF)


Wide range of speeds (Max 200 in/sec) and forces available.


Full list of calculated analyses included with base system


Exports load � deflection curve, multiple values calculated


Long travel machines available

Photos of popular fixtures for Peel, Adhesion, and Adhesive Tests:

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