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Test Methods

ASTM Test Methods

  There are more than 130 unique test methods available from ASTM alone, covering a wide range of application needs. The following hot links enable you to purchase the standard test method directly from ASTM.

Structural Adhesives and Applications

•  D897 Tensile Strength and Properties of Adhesive Bonds using Tensile Buttons

•  D903 Peel or Stripping Strength adhesive peel testing

•  D1184 Flexural Strength of Metal or wood Adhesive Bonded Laminated Assemblies

•  D2095 Tensile Strength of Adhesives by Means of Bar and Rod Butt Joined Specimens

•  D2918 Durability of Adhesive Joints Stressed in T Peel peel adhesion tester

•  D3983 Measuring Strength & Shear Modulus of Nonrigid Adhesives

•  D4027 Measuring Shear Properties of Structural Adhesives by the Modified-Rail Test

•  D4501 Shear Strength of Adhesive Bonds Between Rigid Substrates by the Block-Shear Method


•  D905 Strength of Adhesive Bonds for Wood in Shear by Compression Loading

•  D906 Strength of Adhesives in bonding wood to wood (Plywood) in Shear by Tension Loading

•  D2339 Strength of Adhesives in Two-Ply Wood Construction in Shear by Tension Loading

•  D5574 Mechanical Properties of Wood-Bonding Adhesives for Structural Joints

Keywords: Creep-adhesives; Shear stress; Structural analysis/applications-adhesives; Tensile stress (perpendicular to grain); Tension (tensile) properties/tests-adhesive bonds.

•  D4680 Creep and Time to Failure of Adhesives in Static Shear by Compression Loading (Wood-to-Wood)

•  D4502 Heat and Moisture Resistance of Wood-Adhesive Joints

•  D4688 Evaluating Structural Adhesives for Finger Jointing Lumber


•  D950 Impact Strength of Adhesive Bonds in Shear

•  D1002 Tensile Shear Strength of Single-Lap-Joint Adhesively Bonded Metal-to-Metal Specimens

•  D1062 Cleavage Strength of Metal-to-Metal Adhesive Bonds

•  D1780 Creep Tests of Metal-to-Metal Adhesives

•  D2557 Tensile-Shear Strength of Metal Bonding Adhesives from -267 to -55°C (-450 to -67°F)

•  D2919 Durability of Adhesive Joints Stressed in Shear by Tension Loading (lap shear)

•  D3165 Strength of Adhesives in Shear by Tension Loading of Single-Lap-Joint Laminated Assemblies

•  D3166 Fatigue Properties of Adhesives in Shear by Tension Loading (Metal/Metal)

Keywords: Adhesive-bonded plastics; Bond strength-adhesives; Fatigue; Shear testing-adhesives; Single lap-joint adhesive specimen; fatigue properties of (metal-to-metal) adhesives in shear, by tension; loading.

  D3433 Fracture Strength in Cleavage of Adhesive Peel Testing in Bonded Metal Joints

Keywords: Bond strength-adhesives; Cantilever beam test; Cleavage testing; Cracking-adhesives; Destructive testing; Double-cantilever beam (DCB); Fracture testing-adhesive bonds; contoured double-cantilever beam.

  D3528 Strength Properties of Double Lap Shear Adhesive Joints by Tension Loading

Keywords: tensile shear strength of adhesives when tested - peel-free standard specimen that develops adhesive stress distribution developed in a typical low-peel production-type structural joint.

  D5656 Thick-Adherend Metal Lap-Shear Joints & Stress-Strain of Adhesives in Shear

C633 Adhesion or Cohesion Strength of Thermal Spray Coatings

Rigid-to-rigid, Flexible-to-rigid, and Flexible-to-flexible ADHERENDS -

Flexible - Rigid Adherend - flexible facing of a sandwich structure and its core, sandwich panel.

•  D1781 Climbing Drum Peel Strength for Adhesives

•  D3167 Floating Roller Peel Resistance of Adhesives

•  D6862 90 Degree Peel Resistance of Adhesives

Flexible-Flexible Adherends

•  D1876 Peel Resistance of Adhesives (T-Peel Test)

Contact Adhesives

•  D1995 Multi-Modal Strength Testing of Autohesives (Contact Adhesives)

Keywords: General Test compression shear, cleavage, climbing drum peel, T-peel; rigid-to-rigid, flexible-to-rigid, and flexible-to-flexible adherends including wood, aluminum, steel flakeboard, and plastic laminates.

Pressure Sensitive Applications

•  D2979 Pressure-Sensitive Tack of Adhesives Using an Inverted Probe

•  D6195 Loop Tack

•  D6463 Time to Failure of Pressure Sensitive Articles Under Sustained Shear Loading


•  D3163 Strength of Adhesively Bonded Rigid Plastic Lap-Shear Joints in Shear by Tension Loading

•  D3164 Strength of Adhesively Bonded Plastic Lap-Shear Sandwich Joints in Shear by Tension Loading

•  D3165 Strength of Adhesives in Shear by Tension Loading of Single-Lap-Joint Laminated Assemblies

•  D5041 Fracture Strength in Cleavage of Adhesives in Bonded Joints

•  D5868 Lap Shear Adhesion for Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Bonding

•  D5648-01 Torque-Tension Relationship of Adhesives Used on Threaded Fasteners (Lubricity)

•  D6004 Determining Adhesive Shear Strength of Carpet Adhesives

•  D5179 Measuring Adhesion of Organic Coatings to Plastic Substrates by Direct Tensile Testing

•  C1583 Tensile Strength of Concrete Surfaces and Bond Strength of Concrete Materials by Direct Tension (Pull-off Method)

•  D 3330 Peel Adhesion of Pressure Sensitive Tape

•  D 3759 Tensile Strength and Elongation of Pressure Sensitive Tape

PSTC (pressure sensitive tape council)

•  PSTC 1, 5, 8, 31, 38 and 39;

Tag & Label Manufacturers Institute

•  L-IA1, II-E, III-A


•  MIL-A-8625 Anodic Coatings for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys

•  MIL-STD-171 � Finishing and Treating Surfaces

FED-STD-141/6301.3 Wet Adhesion Tape Test

Society of Automotive Engineers

•  SAE J1525 Lap Shear Test for Automotive-Type

•  SAE J174 Torque Tension Test Procedure for Steel Threaded Fasteners

•  SAE J429 Mechanical and Material Requirements for Externally Threaded Fasteners

FINAT Standards

International Standards

•  ISO4624:2002 Paints and Varnishes - Pull-off test for adhesion

•  Testing fatigue properties of structural adhesives in tensile shear (BS EN ISO 9665:1995)

•  Adhesives for leather and footwear (BS EN 522:1998)

•  Adhesives for tiles (BS EN 12003:1998)

•  Unwinding forces of self adhesive tapes (BS EN 12026:1997)

•  Peel tests for flexible bonded to rigid samples (BS EN 28510-1 to 2:1993)

•  90deg and 180deg peel strength tests on credit card laminates (ISO/IEC 10373 (Identification Cards - Test Methods).




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